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Our new platform, GetNorded platform that guarantees amazing sales in crowdfunding campaigns.

In 2018, only 36% of the campaigns launched on kickstarter were successful, this is a big problem. We are determined to increase the number of successful campaigns by increasing our users sales.

We are developing the Crowd Coach platform which utilizes powerful technologies of  Gamifiaction to teach users the Crowdfunding Critical Success Factors.


Joel George,

Ryhmän jäsenet:

Noora, customer journey + Q&A testing

Anikka, Script writing



TRELLO:  Yes, we are using it!


—————- Raportointi  tämän viivan alle —————-


We have decide to make initially a stand alone app for android with Unity, because most of use are familiar with Unity. The App is a help desk chat simulator.  It will teach the user basics of sales, customer service, and communications.

For example during the game the user will get points for how well the deal with these three types of customers. This will simulate a help desk chat situation:

  1. Mad Customer – The kickstarter campaign products that they have ordered over a year ago have not arrived. Your Boss said that you cannot give refunds anymore.
  2. Unsatisfied Customer – Canadian Customer has ordered a Leveraxe from USA company. Once they have received the leveraxe and seen the credit card bill, they are very unsatisfied that it can 350 usd, including shipping and Canadian Customs.
  3. Customer is not sure if the buy a product – Your job is to sell the product to the customer.  You get full points if you make the sale.


Last week we were in Tartu, Estonia at startup day showing off GetNorded ! Crowdfunding Coaching platform. We have 20 demo testers, testing out our Demo 1.0.  At the moment testers are willing to pay under $100 for use of our entire platform. We are hoping to get about $599-990 user for our entire platform. We need gamification to increase the value of our platform.

We have complied 10 customer service cases from our database and these will become our content for our game. Also we have chosen a theme for our coach and game. It will be a military boot camp theme with the coach a Robot Drill Sargent.

We are working on Unity the base code for the game and the bootcamp graphics.


-The general script for the First and Second scenes have been written in Twine.

-We are getting close to deciding on the final outer look of the coach a Robot Drill Sargent.

-Norded Token design is complete and first unity sprite complete and made into GIF:

-Getnorded Project plan has been started and is nearly completed.


– We have a brand new team who is very interested in Getnorded and has brought new life into the project?

-Getnorded Project Plan has been completed and accepted by course teachers.

-Coach Character has been completely rendered in Adobe Fuse.

-First animation has been created in Mixamo and imported into Unity.


-Game front end and back development.


-Game testing and revisions

8.4 – 11.4.2019

– Game is complete

– Final presentation is recorded and uploaded to youtube:


-Presentation is giving in SAMK classroom to course students.


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